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Hayat Sende Youth Academy Association (Hayat Sende) was established in 2007 by a group of idealistic young people who grew up under the protection of the state, and carries out activities with the vision of enabling children and young people raised under the protection of the state, without discrimination, to life with basic life skills.


A world where children and young people raised under protection and individuals leaving protection can access rights and opportunities equally and strongly without discrimination.


Developing innovative policies for the difficulties faced by children and youth under protection and individuals leaving protection and making practices that will serve this purpose.




Hayat Sende Association does not support or oppose any political party.

Transparency and Accountability

Hayat Sende is open, honest and responsible for its actions and decisions.


Hayat Sende works on the basis of human rights, not pity and compassion, based on the fact that every individual has rights.


No one may be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other condition.

Innovation and Solution Orientation

Hayat Sende is open to accepting and applying innovations and ideas so that solutions are effective and efficient.


Strengthening and Capacity Building

We aim for children and young people brought up under protection to start life independently and strongly, to increase their coping skills and to easily reach the psychosocial, economic and social support they need. For this, we provide mentoring programs, free legal and social service consultancy, free psychological support and scholarship support.

Community Awareness and Advocacy

We aim to increase the awareness and sensitivity of the society regarding the difficulties experienced in the field of children and youth growing up under the protection of the state, to defend the rights of children and youth, and to carry out protective and preventive works. For this, we organize various projects, social campaigns and workshops.

Tagging and Anti-Discrimination

We fight labeling and discrimination against children and young people brought up under protection, and work to ensure that children and young people raised under protection can easily access rights and opportunities. In this direction, we share the Correct Dictionary that we develop every year.


Hayat Sende was selected as Changemaker by Sabancı Foundation in 2012, NGO of the Year by the National Youth Parliament in 2014, and was deemed worthy of support by Asia21 Initiative in 2016 as one of the 24 most influential organizations in Asia. Tuğçe Ekin, who was elected as the 3rd Social Service Institution and also the president of our association, came first in the category of Reducing Inequalities at the Turkey Awareness Awards given by JCI Istanbul.

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